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Krisha. 18. Philippines. Filipina. FrenchSha. Video-editor. Part-time Photographer. Graphic Designer. Ex-Reviewer. Frustrated One-Shot Writer. "Perfectionist". Friendly. Honest Complimentor. Hyper. Thoughtful. Eiffel Tower. Paris. Wallace Huo. Penny Lin. Lee Min Ho. Jung Il Woo. Choi Siwon.

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SITE NAME: Cookies N' Doodle
OPENED:April 1, 2011
OWNER:The Almighty FrenchSha
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The greatest people in his story had been the product of persistence, passion and humility. Being humble to accept the fact that they are not the best persons in their areas. Instead, gratefully receiving their imparted knowledge. The greatest people had what we called mentors, and so do I. But I'm not saying I'm good at what I do, maybe I am, in my own right. But this page is dedicated to those people who's always there for me - backing me up and helping me get through a sticky situation whether in graphics, stories or videos. They deserve much credit for everything.

Yumi_Jae / lovestonedquinn
"The Graphic Unnie"

"Greetings, stranger ;) If you've ever heard/known of Fanfic Addicts, then you've probably known me at one point of time. I was webmistress of FFAddicts, a graphic request website (mostly fanfiction posters). FFAddicts' first day dated back to November 2006, the site lasted for about 2 years till early 2009. That January, Selina, my partner, and I decided to close it down because we lost the inspiration and strength to continue. So yes that's my history. I've been playing with Photoshop since 2006, so this year makes it my 5th year? hahaha. But my skills are nowhere perfect of course. I still have loads to learn ;) If you were to ask me what I love, I'd say; chocolates, icecream, cakes, travelling, reading, writing, music and kpop. huhu~" She's my unnie and she helped pointing out the flaws in my designs. A big help!

Frenchsha and I first met back in the FFAddicts days. I've always felt honored that she somehow found my humble artwork 'beautiful', thanks dearie. Frenchsha's a nice, sweet girl who always gives her best. She tries hard and is willing to learn. A good friend. Reason why I'm helping you? - I hearts you, that's why. Dear Frenchsha, your unnie here will always be here to help you out in every way she can, so don't hesitate to ask =) 

"The All-Around Umma"

"I design graphics and I run a site called Dorkistic.Net. I'm a teacher who teaches English in high school, and I enjoy music very much. HTML is my second language." She's always there to help. That's why I call her umma. She's an all-around ahjumma who can write, design, make lay-outs and sing. I did request from her a lot. Hahaha.

At a first glance, Frenchsha is a perfectionist. Indeed, every time she requested at DD, I will get nervous as I'm afraid that my design is not as what she wanted. On the brighter side, she's a nice girl to chat with. Being a teacher, it is always a tiring day to spend at school and Frenchsha is one of the girls whom I chat with almost everyday, and she never fails to give me ideas on how to tackle the students as she shares the same age with her. I'm always thankful that I get to know her because I learn a lot from her, and she inspires me a lot too ^^

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